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Love, Platonically was a comic strip that ran for the Northern Illinois University newspaper, the Northern Star, between 2018 and 2019. There are 32 strips in total, featuring asexual protagonist Pluto and how they navigate love.


An webcomic (on hiatus) about a boy comes to the capital city of Soulenmark to find someone he never knew he lost. Along the way he becomes a great detective.

The Huevember challenge takes place during the month of November. Each day is a different color progressing along the color wheel. In 2022, I compiled the 39 drawings that loosely tell the tales of my original characters.

duskmoon - colored.jpg


Dawn to Dusk are an unusual duo that run a 24 hour delivery service together. Dawn is a devil, and Dusk is an angel. These comics follow their adventures.

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